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Finding the Perfect Recipe.

The internet has opened up a world of information, connections to places we may have never seen, and the ability to share ideas and great things with the world. With that comes a whole lotta recipes. 

I've compiled a list of my favorite recipes that I've tried on finicky grandmas, kids, paleo, gluten-free, just-don't-like-tomatoes, will-eat-anything, and trying-to-be-healthy diets... This is a collection of those that were successes with all parties. 

All these recipes are healthy and usually gluten and dairy free, or can be modified to fit. Enjoy!

What Healthy
Is To Me.

I believe in fresh, organic, low or no added sugar, everything-in-moderation lifestyle over calorie counting, fasting, cleansing, or any specific diet that limits you.

I understand that all bodies, metabolisms, lifestyles and preferences are unique to who you are and should be honored by what your body enjoys. I've recently limited gluten and dairy which has helped me, but also, is not for everyone. 

My favorite challenge is cooking for someone that does have limitations, whether allergic or just preference and I strive to find recipes that will fit all areas of YOUR life.

If you are searching for something specific - reach out! I'll take out the stress of testing for you, and let you know what I think could be delicious and satisfying. 

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"You as the chef must bring SOUL
  to the recipe."

— Thomas Keller